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project happiness queen's

Empowering Students with resources to create greater happiness within themselves and the world

ABOUT Project Happiness

Project Happiness Queen's was founded by Skylar Healey in 2020. This club aims to impact the kingston community through two main outlets: science based curriculum and happiness campaigns. 

Happiness is not just a state; it is a skill set that can be learned. The World Health Organization has officially declared depression as the leading cause of global mental and physical disability, affecting 1 in 20 people.


Kindness, mindfulness, and all the other tools we can use are not just niceties – they are key to bringing out the best in us, and our society. The science is strong and the need is compelling. It’s exciting that we can now give those who need it most the tools to take charge of their own happiness, to become more aware, emotionally resilient, and develop the skills to navigate whatever life presents. Happiness, like all emotions, is contagious; for ourselves and generations to come, let’s create a world where everyone can thrive.

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